Paris 1998

Pi-ca-sso : Sso-ca-pi

Ssocapi Squat - "En face du Musée National Picasso"

Pi-ca-sso : Sso-ca-pi
Inside the Squat
On the roof of the Squat
Some Ssocapi-Artists
Fashion · Embroidery for your jacket
Portrait of by Popay Ayguavives
Foto of by Valentin Maria
Foto of by Jean-Christophe Lallemant
Studio of
Comments by visitors
Squat closed by police

"Picasso today would stick!"     7 x 800 = 5600 works
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Musee National Picasso - "Picasso today would stick!
#1 and #2

5 works  
Fragile  -Text
Oxidizing Agent
"Picasso today would stick!"
"Picasso today would stick!"
"Don't Pablo Me!"

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